The artist Hanna Al-Haek is a well known cultural personality to the inhabitants in Sodertalje. Hanna Al-Haek moved to Sweden in 1977 from Syria and he has been living in Sodertalje since then. As an intellectual individual he is used to express himself in writing, poetry or prose and has a strong need for telling his cultural heritage, about himself and his experiences to his fellow beings. Yet his will to express himself in picture and mainly in painting is what dominates Hanna Al-Haeks work.

In Hanna Al-Haeks paintings we meet martyr's, shepherd's or veiled, sealed and silent figures, sometimes surrounded by dove's of peace or some other symbolic attribute. The colour is restrained with a hint of melancholy. Lately his pictures have been more abstract. In the pictures you might imagine a world of citylandscapes, houses, huts and other more unidentifiable things in warm and intensively bright colours.

The artist wants to recall his memories from the childhood, from the landscape, the air and the events in his former native country. In his paintings we may participate in his long and emotional journey from something far and distant to the present.

Av: Pia Thunholm
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